More revenue
with performance driven influencer marketing.

Build and grow your influencer portfolio leveraging unique data insights to find, optimize and manage the influencers like a true performance pioneer.
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The Challenge
Becoming an influencer performance pioneer

Data & Performance Insights

Real-time access to comprehensive performance data and insights is invaluable when building your influencer portfolio. Making data-driven decisions is hard, when you have to gather and visualize data manually.

Scalable Processes

Efficient processes are essential to build and scale your influencer team and program. Laborious, error-prone spreadsheets, lack of documentation and manual activities hinder growth and success.

Influencer Discovery

Discovery is broken and does not scale! Finding new top performing influencers is an expensive gamble built on gut-feeling, insufficient data and hope. Therefore discovery costs too much money and too much valuable time.

Software as a Strategy
Learn how successful performance pioneers do

  • Influencer Performance Insights

    Real-time performance insights for campaigns, influencers and clusters. Deeply understand sales, ROAS or top-sellers and do your reporting - effortlessly with a click of a button!

    • Custom performance dashboards

    • Campaign performance analytics

    • Portfolio analysis

    • Easy exports and API

  • Influencer Discovery

    Don’t just invest money in “similar demographics” and burn valuable budget, praying for good results. Reliably find new performing influencers with our AI-assisted Influencer discovery.

    • AI Influencer Finder

    • Automated outreach (coming soon)

    • Conversion rate and click prediction

    • Self learning model based on performance data

  • Influencer Relationship Management

    Excel, Pipedrive and others are not tailored to your specific needs in Influencer Marketing. We know exactly what you need to build, manage and grow your own, non-opt-in influencer network.

    • Influencer database with custom attributes

    • Content & brand partnerships monitoring

    • Contacts and addresses

    • Activity stream

  • Influencer Campaign Management

    Campaign Management optimized on the campaign playbook of successful performance pioneers. Set up Links and Codes and plan influencer cooperations at scale. Send personalized briefings to influencers and keep track of tasks, publications and performance.

    • Cooperation planning and calendar

    • Fast-create links & codes

    • Custom briefings, emails and processes

    • Billing (coming soon)

The Outcome
Become an influencer performance pioneer

Make data-driven decisions

Improve overall performance by leveraging valuable influencer performance insights to make data-driven decisions.

Use scalable processes

Scalable processes custom tailored to your use case - for small and big teams.

Build relationships

Use newly-found time to optimize briefings and storylines and to deeply connect with influencers.

Discover performing influencers

Reliably discover performing influencers - through Linkster’s AI Influencer Finder.

Become an influencer performance pioneer!

Learn how you can become an influencer performance pioneer and how Linkster will support you on the way. Book your free discovery experience today.

Successful together
Performance first! Why do our clients bet on Linkster?

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„Linkster is our go-to software to plan and analyze our Infuencer collaborations in multiple countries and optimize our portfolio based on Linkster performance data and real-time insights. This is how Linkster helps our team every day to focus on profitable influencer cooperations.“

Eva Schumacher
Head of Social Media & Influencer Management
Bears with Benefits®

Plans & pricing
Priced to help you grow and thrive

Collect your first successful experiences with influencers.
  • Influencer CRM

  • Influencer performance tracking

  • Custom dashboards

  • Content monitoring

360 €
Gain traction and efficiently grow your influencer portfolio and team.
  • All of Challenge +

  • Cooperations planning & calendar

  • Labels & campaign workflows

  • Custom fields & custom filters

  • Advanced cooperation analytics

410 €
Turn your influencer marketing team into a powerhouse driving revenue and profit.
  • All of Scale +

  • Automated documentation

  • Custom briefings and email templates

  • Bulk actions

  • Content & document exchange and approval

613 €

Do you need enterprise solutions?

We offer customized bundles, enterprise features and services (SSO, Audits, etc.).

We love to connect!

Linkster integrates seamlessly in your ecommerce-, web- and app-stack. We are constantly expanding our range of native integrations.
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Data privacy
Privacy by design

We respect the privacy of users. From the first line of code we rely on our data light architecture.

Servers in EU

User information is encrypted in transit and at rest and is processed and stored exclusively in EU-based, ISO-27001 certificated datacenters.

GDPR conform

The Linskter influencer performance tracking is 100% compliant with European data protection standards.

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