Influencer Sales Tracking

Track revenue in real time

Tracking without voucher codes
More precise than Google Analytics
Compatible with common shop and CRM systems

Our tracking answers the most important questions.

Linkster enables you to see the differences at a glance.

How high is the new customer rate?

Which influencer gets the most valuable customers.

What's in the followers' shopping cart?

Benefit from cross- and upselling potentials.

Know Followers' device infos

Receive valuable information on locations and devices.

Which influencers drive my sales?

Sales attribution across multiple touchpoints.

How high are the return rates?

Prevent returns and cancellations systematically.

Customer lifetime value

Who gets the most loyal and often buying customers.

Tracking build for the special requirements in influencer marketing

Our tracking software is designed for people: comprehensive, simple and fast.

Copy & paste link generator.

We reduce the sources of error to a minimum. Create and document tracking links with our simple copy & paste solution.

Out of the box reportings.

No complex setup of reports and analyses. Get started right away with our detailed reports and dashboards.

Customer journeys over several weeks.

Influencers generate interest from new customers. Follow the customer journeys of followers for several days and weeks.

Why is Linkster better than Google Analytics?

You use Google Analytics? That is better than nothing! Unfortunately, you only see half the truth.

Analytics is not optimised for in-app traffic

Avoid incorrect data in your analytics. Linkster is designed specifically for the social media app environment.

GDPR: User need to consent with marketing cookies

As a marketing tool, Google Analytics does not represent a legitimate interest within the meaning of the GDPR, your users must explicitly consent to its use.

We measure each user,
not aggregated data.

Sales are synchronized for
an up-to-date order status.

Personal support and
customization options.

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